never give up

Hey! The names Ashley. Looking for inspiration and strength to recover me fully from my battles with anorexia. Also looking to show the world my sense of style an daily eats! oh, and i love flowers :D Trying to learn to be FULL,
F.un U.nique L.oving L.earning
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i promise this one is a useful video! haha, about what this month means to me in my recovery and how amazing recovery freaking feels! love you guys! <3333

  1. destination-recovery said: SO inspiring! Your comment about this being a lifelong process really reassured me. My parents don’t mean to but make me feel like a failure for “not being fully recovered” even when I’m trying so hard to lead a normal life.
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  4. athousandforests said: can i make videos on my hands as a boy?! or just girls
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