never give up

Hey! The names Ashley. Looking for inspiration and strength to recover me fully from my battles with anorexia. Also looking to show the world my sense of style an daily eats! oh, and i love flowers :D Trying to learn to be FULL,
F.un U.nique L.oving L.earning
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sorry for all the “ya knows” i just took a nutrition test and my brain is kinda fried haha but anyways, this is my update on best at a healthy weight and such. xoxo

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    you’re a wonderful speaker
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  4. cotteyhottie said: i think the reason the way you look now is your favorite is because you radiate happiness. you’re looking past the artificial and seeing yourself for who you really are and that in itself is beautiful :)congrats on all your progress!!
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    This is beautiful! Real inspiration she is
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    cant wait till im like this
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